Friday, June 09, 2006

My Family Treasure

Hmm....last night i was sitting up late and reading a book. I have this bad habit of reading some weird stuff in the night..things like occult science, black magic,metaphysics,quasi quantum models, erotic sex...anything and everthing that is usually not meant for reading in the nights...and there i was completely into the book when my mom came across to my room and said something that kind of shocked my life...

While I was lost in my thoughts, my mom walked in. It is very unusual for my mom to walk in so late in the night and talk to me. She sat near me and put her hand on my shoulder.She said "Son, I have a family secret that I want to tell you ...".

The moment those words came out of her mouth, my whole senses became attentive. I listened. She then stood up and walked the room calmly for about couple of minutes. They looked longer to me. Then she began."For years, our family has preserved a secret. But time has come to pass on this secret to you. We have been the keepers of a major treasure. A treasure so big that big powers will go to fight each other. A treasure so valuable that one will not think twice about killing the keeper. It's time, my son. I want to pass on the treasure to you and your generations forward. ""But mom ... is this really true?""Yes, it is. Why don't you walk with me?"After a little walk, she then showed me a huge iron crest. It was truly rusted. She struggled a little bit and i helped her open it with a huge heave.I then finally managed to pull the lid up.
There it was .. the treasure I have never heard of until an hour ago. Now it belongs to me. I curiously looked into it and to my surprise saw wads and wads of currency notes, lower denominations but large number of notes. All in the currency I want. I turned around and asked my mom ..."So how much is it?""Well, my son .. it enough to take care of 5 generations.""And you
are telling me that it's all mine? " "Yes my son. I was waiting for this day. Now it rightfully belongs to you. "

"Thanks mom. Thanks for everything. "

Well, now I have all this money ... what do I do? Live it up. This year onwards, life is gonna be so different. Time to buy a few cars. May be an isolated bungalow with a jacuzzi fit right next to the bath tub. May be I should live in a different country. How about a little philanthropy? What? home loans? Mortgaging? 2%? 15%? Floating? Fixed? You kidding me?. May be I will call my
friends and find out what they want. It would be a good idea to build a township. Why not buy some property in the Moon? In Mars? Hey, may be I will produce some movies and make more money. Politics? Sure why not?
"Knock Knock"

"Who is it"

"It is 10'o clock in the morning. Wake up. Time to go to office" says my mom!

"You mean that was a dream?That Iron Crest, Those currency notes..was all that merely a dream?"

"Which currency notes?Iron Crest? By the way, there is no electricity supply from the morning. So you need to take bath in the cold water(if u wanna bath that is)."



SamY said...

** erotic sex...anything and everthing that is usually not meant for reading in the nights

when else dyu read this stuff ... while having ur lunch ;))

ur watching too many movies n reading 2 many buks ... no wonder ur havin such dreams

am wondering what ur erotic dreams much be like :))

Anonymous said...

well, if this is ur normal dream, would love to know wat ur erotic dream will be? :) :) lol