Thursday, March 20, 2008

A mixed Holy Week!

This holy week has been incredible mixed bag of emotions and surprises. Couple of goodies and one BAD BAD thing.

1. A long awaited wait of money return - Yes, finally got the house rent advance from my previous landowner after a desperate struggle for over 2 months now. No extra interest for this large sum given to me.

2. Finally got my internet connection - BSNL finally had mercy on me to give me my internet connection just within 45 days after i requested them. An enormous number of fone calls, emails and not to mention the wonderful redressal cell they have. BSNL was chosen after airtel guys promised to give me a new connection after i shifted to this new residence. Airtel customer care is even more interesting. They never bothered to register my request to change my connection. Then i call them up to figure out it is not registered and they booked a complaint. Never got back to me and after upteen number of calls to their call centers, emails and also to their zonal office, they still have not gotten back to me. So i had to give up all hopes on their so called model of "prompt service".

And now for the BAD PART for this week: I lost the current love of my life. Not that we broke up, its just that by the time i decided to express my feelings to her, she had already found another guy in her life. So, listening to all those sad songs, composing some music and of course spending time with my books and movies. Need to eat some chocolates now to help me get outta my depression.

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SamY said...

prompt service is only until you take a connection ;), not after that

chocolates for depression ... hmm, interesting