Friday, February 27, 2009

Perfection or Angel of Light?

It was just the other day i went to this Coffee Shop. All by myself, kind of packed, i sat down quietly in a corner. I usually entice in this habit, just like that when i feel like being on my own.
This place is usually less crowded and for some reason, it was quite unusually crowded that day.
I Asked for my Aztec coffee and slowly started drowning myself into my book, waiting for my coffee to arrive. Slowly, was this strange kind of uneasiness that started surrounding me. I looked around...and...

Amid the flood of faces that waited there,
Unsure of who they are and why I should care,
I saw her move forward, towards where i sat, through the crowd
Glancing, looking, searching ....
Her walk, was a waltz through the crowd..
As i saw her gracefully walking through the place
Her beauty was so much to take, yet so little that was seen,
For a second, i thought i had seen perfection,
But then i believed she was an angel of light.
And then she caught me by the eye, and i, like a fool, pretended to drown myself into my book.
Her face beaming as she greets me there, asking me if she could sit by me, if the place was free.
And as we talked, i saw a sudden glitter in her eye...did she glitter with my joke, i thought!
And suddenly, i see a shadow in front of me, and i look back, i saw him grabbing her.
As i turned, he held her close to him and they moved to another table, that just got free.

Anyway, i had come to have my aztec there, which arrived finally, just without the brown sugar, which was apparently out of stock. Read a couple of pages, looking intermittently at her, and finally finished my aztec. Time to go home! Amen!


SamY said...

a figment of you imagination aey

Venkatv said...

Well, had nothing else to do in the coffee shop. So, had to come up with stuff like that. Hoping someone is reading it and doing something about it :).

Su said...

Beautiful way of expressing what you felt and what you saw.

I am trying to figure out whether it's your imagination or the fact.

Jis tarah se shabdon ko piroya hai bohat khoob hai.....

ND said...

Awww Venki ! :)

Like they say, "All the desirable things in life are either illegal, expensive, fattening or married to someone else!" :D