Monday, April 03, 2006

Innocence Cast away...

...memories of myself as a child
what happens to the light when i point a torch to the sky n switch it on?
what is lying ? Have i lied to anyone?
how/why do ppl forget things?
When will i get all those toys in the gift shop?
sorry mom..i pissed on my pants when i was sleeping last night. Can u please help me go to the loo properly.
can i go to the moon ?
why do i have only one b'day in a year ? Why only one sunday a week? Why are there 6 days of work/school and one holiday?
...why is there a monday and why should i go to the school?
if i dont buy the bus ticket everyday can i save enough for a saree for my granma ?
how many generations can be alive at the same time in my family?
who is eating the moon ?
Why is it so hot outside at some part of the year and so cold at the other time of the year..?
if mary had a little lamb, why doesnt my sis have one ?
..why have i never learnt multiplication tables beyond 12 when my parents could have learnt it far better?
can i mark the stars that i have counted already so i can count them correctly?
playing with water bubbles..those soap solutions i get at the beach, the blue sea, beach maanga badhai(beach raw mangoes), molagai bajji(chilly bajji),injecting water into tomatoes in the garden.., running around beating the cycle tyres, playing goli/gulli dhanda/paandy with street folks, raindrops fallin on puddles resembling pawns in chess....
burning paper by focussing sunlight with a magnifying lenstrying to cut off magnetic fields..
collecting iron filings from sand.. making them dance..*sigh*...

Why did i ever grow up...?

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