Tuesday, April 11, 2006

To die or to be dead!

Recently i heard this statement " I would die for u". Well not just me, am sure everybody has heard this is various movies and some probably in their real lives too. Well just a thought struck me when i heard it this time..not that i am hearing it for the first time, but somehow i was wondering what this statement could mean...

In a relationship.. when you say "i would die for u" what do you mean? Is it that if u get rejected, you would die for her/him? Or you would die for her to protect her?

There is big differance between the two types.Dying for someone you care about.. is driven by a sense of protection and is a trait to be appreciated since it has benefits for the survival of the species.killing oneself because of being deprived of someone's love is driven by a selfish sense of want, and is a trait that just tends to darwinianly reduce the gene pool

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