Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Yin-Yang - Balance disturbed - Part 1

For my own amusement, and lack of better names, i am planning to write a series of articles on 2 characters , a boy and girl. The boy is called 'YIN' and the girl is called 'YANG'. Anyway, the following is the first of such articles.

YANG : Hi YIN! How are you doing?

YIN: I am..(and before even he could finish...)

YANG: Anyway, i am not doing fine for so many days you know.

YIN: Why what happened?

YANG: Well, i have been having these series of neck pain for the past so many days. And then, i tried visiting the doctor. He came up with some random medical terms for this problem. And i just smoked a couple of cigarettes and slept the other day. Anyway, you were saying...

YIN: Yeah i was saying that I...(YANG cuts him once again)

YANG: Oh! Btw, did you know i got featured on this musical show on TV the other day. Did you see me?

YIN: Yes i did. And i was saying that...

YANG: And also, I have so many things to do in life. I have to handle my boyfriend. I have to handle my finances. I have to do so many things. My life is so complicated you know.Sorry, you were saying something(she looks at her watch and realizes she is getting late)...Oh! I need to rush back now. I have to get out now. I am going drinking with my sister...will talk to you later...and ...(she leaves).

YIN(All to himself): I just wanted to say that i feel like killing myself. I wanted to talk to someone about this. Anyway...i shall consult a psychiatrist.

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